Birthday Bashin’ it

Yesterday was my birthday and it began beautifully! My hubby woke me up and asked me what I wanted for breatkfast. I promptly told him blueberry pancakes and off he went to make them. What a guy!

When breakfast was ready, he called me down. I went downstairs only to find the house decorated banners and streamers. This is a family tradition he started years ago.

I had an appointment but when I got home, I found some creative gifts on the dining room table. I had no idea what they could be! I opened them up and found a Mumford and Sons CD from the teenager and a shadow box with all of my racing bibs, medals and pictures in it.

For dinner, we headed out to one of our favorite places-Rick’s Boatyard. We sat outside and enjoyed music and breezy/sunny temps. We decided to do a little shopping afterwards and ended up visiting his new favorite bakery to pick up cupcakes. The small business owner was closed but he let us in and even gave us 3 free cupcakes! Although I told myself last night that they would be off limits today, I’m even eating one now! Curse and love you Vanilla Bean!

We came home and I coaxed Brian into putting the bike seat on my 15 year old mountain bike. He obliged and we ended the day taking turns riding the tot on the back. Falling into bed last night, we both declared that this was one of the least expensive yet most fun birthdays we have celebrated together in the last 11 years!

    • Christy
    • June 3rd, 2011

    Glad you are enjoying the bike seat! I miss it….

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