Epic meltdown + accidental phone call

As I said before, its been a tough few weeks. But, on the half cup full side, I have friends who love me even when I accidentally call them on my cell phone and they hear me having an epic  meltdown on the phone. Ahh- yes, yes- good times. Luckily, she still wants to be my friend and I didnt scare her away or force her to call 911.

So, on a lighter note, I wanted to share some pics of some good food + good times. To start off, my friend Hannah made me healthy cupcakes for my birthday. I was so surprised! She made almond cupcakes with homemade pomegranate icing…talk about love!

I also attended Vinyasa a few times which I am totally lovin. I actually mastered my shoulder stand and crane today! So exciting!

Thursday night, I met my friend Julia at a local pizza shop. We had to die for half Margherita half Greek pizza and even better conversation.

Friday night, I went to my friend Abby’s house for a open taco bar. It was a lot of fun and little bit got to eat strawberries off the vine. It was a perfect night to be outdoors.

This weekend,  we had soccer tournaments all day Saturday and Sunday. It was a brutal 95 on Saturday (day of said incident of phone call:) Although it had a terrible ending, it started off good with packing a healthy lunch to go with us to the ball field. This made me feel somewhat accomplished. We had a great sampling of organic food.

As I walked onto the field, proudly carrying my Whole Foods recyclable bag with two freezer ice packs in it,  I quickly realized I would not be receiving the soccer mom of the year award. Little did I know, there are actual cute, cloth totes that are already insulated..you can even have your kid’s team name monogrammed…

Oh well, maybe next year:)

The teenager ended up winning the Championship. We were all pretty stoked as this was his first ever Championship win….he’s been playing since he was 5. Count that up and its lots of years spent in freezing temps, snow, brutal heat, torrential rains with no final win. So you get our excitement?

I’ve made myself a few good salads over the weekend as well. Organic kale + sweet red peppers + cranberries + tomato + walnuts + feta + roasted garlic + red onion + purple cabbage + Woodstock dressing. And lets no forget my addiction to Kombucha….I’m actually turning the tot onto it.

On another note, I am on a major iced coffee + soy milk kick and cant seem to get enough. Someone help me break this STAT!

So, thats my weekend. How was your weekend? What cheers you up when you find yourself in a bipolar mania?:) Have you ever accidentally called someone and embarrassed yourself?

    • Emilie
    • June 6th, 2011

    I heard soy has major estrogen related problems! Jillian Michaels is very anti-soy! I need to read more about it, but maybe that will help you kick the habit! It’s all about balance though, right!

  1. Emilie: that is crazy! I typically stay away from soy bc I agree it’s bad but I was eating cliff bars and getting soy iced coffee…my estrogen is definitely off! So interesting

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