Doppelganger on the loose…

Mandi and I enjoying the salad bar on a break from personal training certification workshopSorry to have been MIA the last few days. I was in a intensive, personal training workshop over the weekend.

It was a good 30 hours spent and I have to say it felt odd not getting up this morning to study. But, thats the cool thing about ongoing education…I can study as much as I want. In fact, my sister and I are going to San Diego in September to the IDEA conference. I am sure that will spark even more of a desire to learn!

As you know, I am actually quite interested in more of a holistic approach to wholeness. I would love to get some CEU’s in Yoga, etc. I would also love to learn more about nutrition. This workshop just opened the door to a land of knowledge that I cant wait to travel to.

I was pretty insecure going into the training. I havent been able to really work out since my half marathon (over a month ago) This and my love of blizzards has put a few pounds on my short frame.  Thoughts of  “you’ll be the fattest out of shape girl there” attempted to bring me down.  But, I got mouthy with those buggers and talked back with as much positive self talk as I could muster.

When I walked into the classroom, instead of hanging my head low,  I surprised myself when that insecure girl couldn’t be found. The only girl standing there was me-head held high, full of confidence, knowing who I am and what I have to offer.

There were of course others there and I was in fact the biggest girl  but I didn’t let that steal my joy. I know I am in shape and I have a passion to help people..isnt’ that all that really matters.? In the end, people want someone who can empathize with their situation and understand the ruts they find themselves stuck in, right?

The written test was insane and the during the practical, I found myself in quite the dilemma. Don’t worry, post coming soon.  What else is a blog good for if not to err all your embarrassing moments?

On another note, I came home and found the tot looking surprisingly older..sure, it had only been a few days, but he looked like he was 4 years old! I grabbed him up, squeezed him hard and proceeded to go on a bike ride. I love that little guy! Check out the pic of him riding under the “Sweat Once a Day” tab.

What did you do this weekend? How do you handle insecurity?

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