Adventures in cycling-PRO-fessional style

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I know I am! I’ve been able to spend parts of the last few days with the hubs, which is a rare treat in these summer months.

Friday night, we headed West to pick up a bike from my friend, Sarah. She is due with her second little guy any day now and so she was more than happy to let me borrow it for the upcoming Go Girl triathlon. To say I was stoked, is an understatement.

On our way out there, we literally came to a complete stop to let a mama geese and her little ones cross the road. I’m not sure why this fascinated me so much, but it did-so much so that I grabbed the handy dandy camera and snapped a photo. I know….you’re welcome:)

We got to her house and she proceeded to explain the bike to me. I knew it would be a lot to take in and boy was it! Luckliy, her clip in shoes are just my size so I don’t have to purchase any or switch out her pedals. Major score.

This afternoon during the monsoon, we took the bike up to the infamous Bicycling Garage to have it fitted to me. Surprisingly, it didn’t take that long and before we knew it, we were headed back out. I was a little let down by the customer service there. I’ve heard so many good things. Eh-you win some, you lose some.

Once we got home, I couldn’t wait to play around with it. I practiced getting in and out of the clips and with one exception of almost mauling my husband when he was pushing me like I was his little kid, I did really well! I knew this bike would be so much easier b/c it is a sweet ride, but boy I did not realize what a big difference it would make!

So, any cyclists out there? If so, any good road rash stories for me? And if you aren’t all professional like me, feel free to just share some lame story about when you first learned to ride your bike or something. Happy riding!

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