The letter of the day is = B!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I found a new love-its green, round and tastes like cabbage! If you didn’t guess brussels sprouts, then I don’t even want to know what you were thinking!

Seriously though, paired with last night’s dinner and I am still satisfied two hours later. Complex carbs + greens + protein = complete meal

I went out for a bike ride on Speedy Mcspeeders tonight with Christy. It’s the only activity I’ve done this week and sadly all I will do. We did 4.11 and i felt like I could’ve gone on for miles. However, I am still healing from an IT injury after my 1/2 marathon in May. I am crossing my fingers that next week I will be back at running and training for my upcoming full marathon and triathlon!

So what did you do today? Is anyone else out there a lover of all things green and round? If so, you know you can’t resist! Or how about injuries? Anyone else on a “break?”

Oh, I almost forgot you slow folks out there, its brussels sprouts and bicycling! Seriously, did you never watch Sesame Street?

  1. As I’ve aged, I do enjoy brussel sprouts a bit more, especially fresh ones. Ever seen them on the stalk? So crazy cool. But when you said small round and green, I was like, peas, fresh sweetpeas, wasabi peas.
    Alas, there’s not much progress being made towards good health here. I’m so stressed, I drown my sorrows in terrible things, usually in the chocolate or deep fried food groups. As for exercise, I have a crappy back, so I have to watch I don’t overdo it on the spine, but since I’m a big girl, can’t just sit back and do nothing. Use it or lose it. My husband got me a new bike last year, with a trailor, I rode it around the block a bit, and back into the garage, and it went into storage until we move, along with all my other cool stuff…which we swear is going to happen (see above stress) any day now. I haven’t done much beyond walking lately, was doing a yoga class in the winter, but once the weather got good enough for Eric to work at the house, that’s what he’s been doing most nights, I get one night a week off, usually and sad to say, it isn’t to exercise. I’ll get my groove on when we move, when I get my husband and my Stuff back.

    • Cathy, it really does begin with just small, baby steps each day. I would love to help you once you get settled in. I can give you exercises to do with your hurt back and help you with a nutrition profile. Just let me know if you are interested. But, I do know it is so hard and once you get stuck in a rut, it is so hard to get out of. But, you can do it! You will feel so much better and it will change your life! (and your families)

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