What’s holding you back?


What holds you back? I know the answer to that is different for so many people. For me, its a question that I have struggled with for years. There are different debates out there as to the answer. Just ask my big sister. She knows everything:)

Am I held back by fear of success? Or am I held back by fear of failure? These are the two that I mostly grapple with. I get so caught up in why I am not working towards my goals, that it can paralyze me.

And sometimes I think its neither and I am just lazy.

But, the reality is, I probably am afraid, insecure and fearful. Of what you ask? Of the unknown, of course!  I have overcome major hardship in my life and continued to push through and not let excuses hold me back. So why would I allow it to cripple me now?

I am at a new place in my life. And I am faced with some opportunities that I know I need to pursue. And most of those I am. I am writing several hours a day attempting to build “my brand” if you will. I am trying to get my name and story out there in hopes of somehow helping someone else.

I recently pursued my personal training license and am awaiting test results. That accompanied with my blog and Advocare, I hope to create a business where I can help others overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. And not just with fitness or healthy eating/supplements but also life issues such as spiritual and emotional pain. I want to help others heal as I have and will continue to.

Life is hard and we all need a little help from our friends.

I am also working on a book-a story of my life. I hope to write this with my two sisters and some of that is waiting on them…but also some of that is fear. Fear of reliving all of that pain. And again the question of what other fear? I do not know.

Right now, I am training for a triathlon and full marathon. Yet, I find myself injured with IT band issues. Am I going to let that hold me back? The answer is a big fat NO. At first, I was stubborn and sabotaging myself but now I am being proactive and getting the care I need.

In fact yesterday, I visited my podiatrist and had some great conversation. Not only did he agree with barefoot running, he also said I probably didnt need orthotics. However, he gave me some custom, flexible ones to try out for a month and see what I think. He puts them in his barefoot running shoes and they are less controlling than the hard plastic ones.

He also put me on steroids and I am hoping that along with ravenous hunger and lots of energy, comes the final healing to my IT band. He gave me a referral to the Chiro for the Colts and I will see him next week to get my hips in alignment and learn strengthening exercises to prevent further injury.

But, the coolest thing was that he asked me to join his racing team! I was so shocked!! He said there was a spot open and he thought I would be perfect. The others in the group have done KONA and won many competitions. Its a triathlete team and this is something I have dreamed about in the back of my mind.

Of course, I am terrified! These people will be amazing athletes but its such an opportunity to learn from the best. I will get training from them and get to compete. There are other benefits as well such as major discounts at sporting stores, sponsorships, etc. This can and will even grow my blogging/training/personal life coach business.

I know I have been rambling. But, the fact is that I have a lot of things right now that I could let hold me back. Injuries, financial hardships, pain, grief, etc. But, instead I am going to-with God’s grace-make the choice to conquer that fear and see just what dreams I can accomplish. Maybe it will be exceedingly, abundantly more than I can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3)

And last but not least, I have been putting off writing an article for http://www.ungrind.org because it was painful to write and hard to revisit the past. But, today I faced that pain and with God’s help did it. It will be out later this month. But, to read my articles, just visit the online magazine and click under the Who section and look for Karin Hume.

So, what is holding you back? What dreams do you want to pursue? Are you afraid of success? Are you afraid of failure?

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