What is the definition of insanity again?

Reading my last post as I sit here and slowly type with my left hand, makes me want to either laugh hysterically or hang my head sobbing…not sure which one yet:)

As you know, I was super pumped for my brick workout Saturday morning. We headed out before the sunrise and life was good. I was making a comeback from my IT injury and trying to supplement my love for running with cycling.

But within the first five miles, confusion at the crosswalk created a cycling crash (I heart alliteration) My right wrist was immediately enlarged and throbbing in pain.

But being the stubborn or shall I say determined, girl I am, I sucked it up to finish the 30 mile ride and run. We even stopped 15 miles in for breakfast where I iced my arm, and made poor Jenny listen to me whine for an hour while I inhaled french toast and sweet corn cakes.

We headed back out and besides the throbbing pain and almost killing a few kids at the Farmers Market, I survived.

Oh and I only crashed two more times.

I got home and proceeded to tell my poor hubby that we would once again be spending thousands on my misadventures.

I decided to head over to our ortho clinic but had just missed them by ten minutes. My luck was not panning out well.

My hubby and tot were marketing and participating in the town parade and it was really important for me to support that. So, I dried up my tears, quieted my rumbling tummy with tootsie rolls and rode in the parade-throwing candy with my left hand.

As soon as we were done, I rushed to the ER where I received the news that it was indeed broken. They splinted me up, gave me drugs and sent me home to follow up today for a cast. I had held up with a smile all day until this point. I broke down crying to the sweet pregnant PA who was caring for me and hundreds of others who probably had more serious injuries-like blowing off their toes with fireworks or something.

I didnt want this to get in the way of our 4th plans, so we loaded up to watch the fireworks at our town celebration. I must say the light show was much trippier with Vicodin. And after waiting over 10 hours to eat, that corn on the  cob was the best food I’d ever eaten.

On the good side, I finally bathed yesterday and it only takes me 1/2 hour to brush my teeth.

So, here I sit this morning, waiting to get in to the Dr, in major pain despite meds and trying to see the positive.

I feel like the title of my last post could now be “What’s NOT holding me back.”

So, here is my question for you. How do you handle life’s  curve balls when they are coming at you faster than one of those machines in a batting cage? Do you chalk it up to consequences of risk or is the universe trying to teach you a lesson?

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to stay open to whatever my future brings. I mean, it’s good to have goals, but sometimes we push so hard to reach them, that we might be missing other possibilities that God could be opening for us. It’s tricky, but then I think back on some of the things that I used to want for my life, and I’m so glad they didn’t work out! So now I’m trying to just be chill. Reach for some things, but not set my hopes on any one thing. Because life might have something way better for me.

    • Its so true Hannah..I just struggle with wanting to make sure I am taking risks and pursuing my dreams. Right now, my answer to wait and listen is quite obvious. But its not always and I always worry about letting fear make me miss an opportunity. Right now though, I just need to heal, submit myself to God and swallow my pride by letting others help me. Thanks for your help today!!

  2. You continued the bike ride AND ate breakfast before heading home? Girl you are crazy!

    • I was just too excited and determined… It happened in first few miles so I had to press on:) and I was in denial about it being broken and iced it at breakfast

  3. Oh Karin, that stinks big-time! I missed seeing you this morning, and now I know why you couldn’t make it. One-handed push-ups could get a little tricky. 🙂

    On the positive side, those breakfast pictures look AMAZING! (Leave it to me to find the bright side in a heaping pile of calories.) I really hope you heal quickly, and I know you’ll be seeking peace from the only true Source in the meantime. ((Hugs))

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