Please list your surgeries and their dates

I always hated this statement when I was younger. I found it quite embarrasing when I was only 19 and at a Dr’s office as a new patient. Filling out the paperwork, I would sigh as I had to turn the paper over to follow the instructions of “if you don’t have enough space, write on the back.”

Yep, that was me. Only 19 and needed additional spaces to write in all of my surgeries and their dates. There were some visits (depending on the appointment and what I felt like was relevant) that I rebelled and with a cracked smile, penned the word NONE with a sense of pride while I furiously colored in my period mark.

Yet, here I find myself again. In fact, depending on how lazy you are, by the time you read this tomorrow I will be either entering surgery, lying in a vulnerable state on the cold operating table or just awakening, wiping the slobber out of the corner of my mouth and asking for my mommy.

Or it could be dinnertime. You really should work on finding some motivation.

So tomorrow I will be getting a plate and 10 screws in my right wrist. They will be joining the other plate and 7 screws already in my right arm. I guess after an decade of little affection, they grew tired of being alone.

What some will resort to. You just never know these days.

To be honest, I am a bit nervous about my surgery tomorrow. My sister tells me I shouldnt be as I could be a gold medalist in the general anesthesia department. But, its something about putting your life in the hands of a stranger, thats just a little frightening.

Call me crazy.

One thing that eases my mind is the amount of love I feel.My friends and family have rallied around me like bees on a honeycomb. I have dinner provided everynight from some of the sexiest chefs I know. My mom is coming up for a few days and I have friends for Chase to play with everyday. The best part is that I didn’t even have to lie prostrate on the ground kicking my legs and banging my fists, begging for support. In fact, I didnt have to ask a single person.

Thats just how my girls roll. And no, I don’t mean “those girls.” That would just be weird.

Having the surgery speeds up my healing process and the bulk of my healing will be done in the first 3 weeks. So if Mr. Surgeon doesn’t nic an artery, this triathlon may just still be within grasp. On second thought, maybe I can enter a bionical woman competition. I might even win first place in my age group.

The difference between me now and my 19 year old self, is that when I leave the surgery center tomorrow, I wont be pulling my hoodie up over my head with my big sunglasses on like Lindsey Lohan leaving jail. I will be proud of my new little scar. Because as cheesy as it sounds, each scar on my body represents a different time  in my life-a time of pain, healing and growth. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today-sharing my stories with you. They weren’t easy to go through, but I honestly wouldn’t change a single one. And hopefully one day, I can share each scar er story with my grandchildren. Perhaps they can also learn from them too and these scars can prevent them  from experiencing my same wounds in life.

Or they could use my body as a pretty cool road map anyway.

Enough seriousness. Not bathing and watching the hair grow on my legs gets boring pretty fast but I’m sure I will be documenting the process for the blog world to see. A girl’s gotta get sympathy from somewhere, right? But don’t worry, soon I will be back to be posting workouts and food creations. You know-the important stuff.

So, how many surgeries have you had? Can you relate to my embarrasement or fear of going under?

  1. I’ve only had three surgeries…all baby related, one laparascopic to remove a fibroid tumor and laser zap some Endometriosis. Once we cured that, after 4 years of ttc, I was finally able to get pregnant. I’m most proud of the next two scars, the railroad track scars of my 2 c-sections, each representing one of my sweetboys. Now Christopher’s surgical record….that one always leads to the back of the page, but that’s another story.

  2. Maybe you should give your body a break….. instead of breaking it? take care of yourself, life is long, there will be other tris.

  3. I’ve had 5 surgeries! I am not that coordinated when it comes to skiing so 4 are a result of that sporting choice. I had my 5th in May and sadly it was a D&C for miscarriage. I’ll take my huge knee scar over that anyday! Good luck

    • wow!! yea mine were not related to sports until this one. Sorry about your miscarriage…we suffered with infertility for 7 years so I understand some of that pain

    • Melody
    • July 13th, 2011

    Well, Karin knows I only had two surgeries on my shattered elbow (can’t remember the number of screws that time), but I’ve broken: both tibia and fibula in both legs, the radius and the ulna in my left arm, my elbow, had a some crazy thing called pubic symphisis, tore right hamstring doing Kung Fu, left groin muscle from competitive dancding and left calf in Kickboxing. All injuries usually because I was very stubborn about not taking care of myself and refusing to stop “doing too much”. Much of this is what has led me to focusing on wholeness and wellness.

    Remember Einstein’s definition of madness…I remind myself everyday (except today when I stubbed my toe and then ran 3 miles. I’m sure it’s fine though ;).

    • You can totally join me in the bionical woman contest. Thankfully, you are four years older than me, so we both have a shot at winning our age group:)

  1. July 21st, 2011

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