Meet Carissa

Super pumped to begin her 24 day challenge

Meet Carissa! Carissa is a Mississippi girl like myself and we actually went to high school together. She was a grade above me and at the time, that probably made me envious. Ah-to be a teenager again. You can’t wait to be an adult. Only to then wish you were younger when out of nowhere, you are sucker punched with all of the responsibility, bill paying, cortisol creeping, metabolism slowing, and wonder why your mama never warned you. Oh wait, she did but since you knew everything, you just turned up your headphones and rolled your eyes.

Yes, I just said headphones. I must be like 86.

Carissa’s journey to health is an admirable one. She’s overcome major obstacles in her life. After high school, she found herself in the wrong crowd and her life began to spiral out of control. She was destroying herself and her relationships with family and friends. She hit rock bottom.

The good thing about falling that far is that there is nowhere to go but up (but only if you are brave enough for the climb) However, without a support system and a relationship with God, she knew she would not make it to the top of that hill. But, one day at a time, she was able to take control of her life and begin to love and nurture herself. She met and married a wonderful man and is enjoying life with him and her beautiful girls. Her life is being restored to wholeness-spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Carissa and I reconnected through Facebook and once she saw all of the success my clients were having with AdvoCare, she decided to take the plunge and try it out. She begins her 10 day detox tomorrow then moves onto the 14 day max phase. I am so excited because I know how this will enhance her well being and radically change her life. She will immediately feel better, less sluggish, and experience an overall more enthusiastic and energized skip in her step.

We will chart her accomplishments weekly on the blog so please  join me in supporting her! Leave a comment and cheer her on, along the way. And if you would like more info on AdvoCare or would like to be featured,visit the AdvoCare tab on my home page and click to be directed to my site. We can even pair up teams for some good ‘ol friendly competition. Come on-don’t not compete, just because you know I will beat you.

Onto Carissa’s stats

Measurements =

Right arm- 13"
Right thigh-23"
Right calf-14

Weight = 165

So what holds you back from taking that first step to change? How can we encourage you to make this critical choice so that you can lead your best life?

  1. July 28th, 2011

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