Who We Be-7 links style

My sister and I were beyond thrilled to be nominated by Caitlin to participate in the 7 links fun! If this is your first time here, then we thank you for stopping by! (and wonder what took you so long) But don’t worry. We forgive you-better late than never.

If we were meeting in person, we would give you a big hug (unless you smelled bad),  hand you a glass of sweet tea (our own version of course-black, sweetened with raw sugar or stevia) and a flaky buttery, biscuit (we can make them gluten free-keep your panties on) But since it’s the cyber world,we will have to play make believe and just type out a big’ ol WELCOME Y’ALL! (read in your best Paula Deen impersonation)

(enough parenthesis already)

Melody is a former Literature graduate from NYU bonded to corporate America in order to feed the ever-hungry beast, Sallie Mae. She also has her personal training certification and finishes her M.B.A next month. Definitely a slacker. Hopefully she can find some motivation by participating in this blog. Karin is a passionate, jack of all trades, master of none, dreamer whose biggest event that shaped her life was having her first child as a senior in high school -back before it was cool to be a Teen Mom-always a trendsetter. Although Karin as been blogging for the last 7 years, we recently decided to work together on a collaborative project, focusing on just a few elements that we are both very passionate about. Thus, allpointswhole was born. (But without placenta and an umbilical cord, so it was a lot less messy, than say-your typical birth).

When we aren’t pulling each other’s hair out over what to post and when, we are simply two sisters who are trying to find the humor and lessons in healing from the wounds of life by pointing their compass to all points whole – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally – and hoping to offer guideposts for others along the way. We have several tabs that you can peruse such as The Daily Sweat, Sowing my Wild Oats, Freeing Sisyphus, and AdvoCare.

As you may have read here, we have two other sisters as well. We have coerced the middle sister to offer a medical advice column (she is an Internist). We believe women’s health is an important, hot topic and her contribution will be an essential part of allpointswhole. And besides, we couldn’t leave out the middle child-that would be way too stereotypical. And our younger, teenage sister will chime in as well with fashion tips and pop-culture highlights. She just doesn’t know it yet- but that doesn’t really matter because she has to listen to us or we will beat her up.

So grab a latte, put your earbuds in, shut yourself off in  a corner somewhere and prepare to read some funny, some serious and some just plain crazy posts! (we are hormonal women after all) Leave a comment and let us know that you stopped by…that’s just proper etiquette, right? Oh, who are we kidding? We don’t care about proper or etiquette….but do you really want to piss off some Mississippi girls with a laptop? We didn’t think so.

So, let’s get er done.

Starting out with the most beautiful post, we chose post surgery update. We agreed that this post was the most beautiful because the words were raw, brave and honest. And it was typed out slowly, pounding each key with Karin’s left hand. Have some mercy.

For the most popular post, we went with the post, that until today, received the most hits. Please list your surgeries was the leader of the pack. And I promise neither one of us are married to surgeons or medical device engineers -just totally accident prone.

Most controversial was the self loathing post. Not because of comments or traffic, but simply because it is a post that requires looking within yourself, reflecting on your motives and making the hard decision to change. Or maybe because it’s what we do best.

Most helpful post was natural hunger cues. We chose this post because Americans are waging a war with food. Obesity is on the rise and eating disorders are destroying lives. And I don’t know about you, but my cues seem to be all mixed up in this crazy brain of mine. But what isn’t? Just ask my husband.

Our most surprising successful post was freeing sisyphus. This is Melody’s baby. She knows firsthand this curse and has much wisdom and many hilarious stories to share. Clearly, readers could relate. Or we are a bunch of masochists. Probably the latter.

We chose the Kombucha post for the one that we felt didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was posted on the weekend on a low blog day. We are both obsessed with this drink and want to share it with the world! And it makes you tipsy. Okay so maybe not-but we can pretend. If you can’t tell by now, we have big imaginations.

The post we were most proud of was Jo goes to New York. This post shows the beginning of Melody’s journey with freeing sisyphus and shares some humorous stories and insight she has learned along the way. Plus she’s the older sister and threatened my life if I didn’t choose it.

Happy reading! Y’all come back now ya hear? (Okay, enough of the faux southern twang)

Tag you are it: (hopefully these people even know that we are alive and if they don’t, out of sympathy will repost)

Make me Better

Skinny Runner

  1. Now I’m all blushy. Thanks!

    • I can’t believe you, THE bloggess, visited my page. I want to dance around the room and scream like a giddy school girl…. I think I might pass out…

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