Look out World?

So, I’m picking up the sis from the airport around 1pm today.  Who will get off the plane – crab monster or the loopy, happy sister?  I guess it will depend when she took her medicine.  She sent me a disgusting pic of her healing wound.  I thought of posting, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  For those of you who have been following us, you know that Karin took an unfortunate tumble from a bike and broke her wrist.  She had surgery two weeks ago, so she’s on the mend.  Luckily this has meant she has been laid up so her OTHER injury – the 1/2 marathon IT band – will finally heal so when her arm is better she can run again without looking like an ostrich (her gait was quite off as she was compensating, but continued to run against all advice – especially from me).   Stubborness runs in the family, and it usually takes an act of God for us to really listen.

So Karo and I are going to work on our website this weekend.  Will we kill each other, or will we inspire each other and spark that awesome creativity that comes when 2 different people with different gifts work together to create something they couldn’t have created on their own?  Probably both. 

We are envisioning a sort of online magazine categorized like this site:  The Daily Sweat, Sowing My Wild Oats, Freeing Sisyphus and general topics with some adds: an advice column from our other sister, the doc and a teen section from our youngest sister. 

Any of you work creatively with your siblings?  How does that go?

So, Amy and Jo working together Little Women style.  Stay tuned……..for those of you concerned, we will inform you of any casualties.

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