AdvoCare: Carissa’s Update II

As some of you may remember, Carissa, after months of considering the 24 day challenge, finally mustered up the courage and the finances to try it out. She was definitely skeptical at first. But, since day 2, I have received email after email about how amazing she feels and just an overall disbelief in how these products really work. When we first introduced you to Carissa, she was 165.

When we did her second update, she was down to 158. Most importantly, she had already lost about 8 inches at this time and it had only been 11 days! Her energy was out of this world and for the first time in a long time, she felt healthy and like she had a clean slate to work with.

I just heard from Carissa yesterday, letting me know that in addition to losing 7 pounds, she has now lost 15.5 inches!!! That is seriously crazy and she said her clothes no longer fit. She is so excited to be able to go and try on/buy new clothes. As you can see in these pictures. AdvoCare not only helped her detox and lose weight, it also brought a glow and joy to her face that wasn’t there before.

Carissa has come a long way in life and I am super proud of her! I know she will continue to use some of the products and will only get smaller. But even more important than that, she is now aware of the junk she was putting in her body and is on a better path to wholeness!

That’s what I love about AdvoCare, the products are all natural and cover everything from detoxing (with food) to sports performance, overall wellness, increased energy, bone strength, weight loss, stress relief and on and on it goes. For more info, please email me or see

However, if you email me, I can formulate a specific plan for you. I will be your cheerleader and make sure you succeed. I can hold you accountable, plan grocery lists and menu’s and text you encouraging notes til you wanna chuck your cell phone out the window.

And if you are concerned about the price, just ask Carissa or myself how we actually SAVED money by doing the challenge. Funny how when you aren’t eating out or driving through Starbucks, just how much money you do save!

Let’s cheer Carissa on by leaving a comment and congratulating her on her success! I have a feeling this won’t be the last time you see her! (go look back at these links..she has come so far!)

This girl is smokin hot! check out the previous links for how different she looks!

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