Sowing My Wild Oats: Meets Paula Deen

Well Hiiiiiiiii y’all! It’s time for some good ol cookin Paula Deen style. Because lets face it, butter IS GOOOOOOD! God didnt give us butter not to eat it. Are you with me now, honey? So take your shoes off, put on your apron and let’s get to cookin.(audience goes wild)

So, yesterday after being yelled at by the teenager that we had no milk (even though we had just gone to the store and he forgot to get it) I decided to get creative. I mean so creative that if I had an apron, I totally would’ve put one on. Feef free to mail me one. I like TN orange or hot pink and black:)

I opened the bare fridge and found some honey biscuits…yes I said honey and biscuits in the same sentence. I hear angels singing. I found a few pieces of nitrate free bacon I had left over from our Haitian guests and about six organic, free range brown eggs. I found some red onion I had chopped up and bagged and some cheese left over from when my mom came to baby my aching wounds….I mean help me after my surgery.

Thus, I invoked the spirit of Paula Deen and got busy. I decided to cook the biscuits, fry up the bacon (yes I said fried) then make the eggs into a casserole. I would say it was an old family recipe but if you knew my family, you would know we don’t have family recipes..I mixed up the eggs, cheeses, red onion and added some garlic salt.

I cooked it all at the same time and it truly was pretty effortless. When the teen came down, he scarfed it down like a starving kid in Africa. I will admit that I myself also enjoyed four biscuits. This was an awesome meal and if you feel like adding on a few pounds, I highly suggest you make it.

So, get on into your kitchen y’all, grab out that butter and make up some eggs and biscuits. Plate it up and eat til your hearts content….or until it’s stops beating…oh semantics


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