The Daily Sweat: Making Minimalism Work

Hello Sweaters,

A while back I wrote about how you could make the most out of an effective 20-30 minute workout when you hit snooze a few too many times with some at-home equipment.  At the time, I also said that you could make it work without equipment.  As some of you know, my move saga continues as my furniture has yet to arrive from the tundra of Minnesota – it’s only a week late.  So, yesterday, with no equipment I had to make it work, minimalist style.

One of the most effective tools each of us has is our own body weight.  That’s why exercises like push-ups will never go away no matter what kind of fancy gadgets those ingenious exercise scientists create.  So, yesterday I wanted to break a sweat and engage my core muscles, so I did a fast-paced body-weight workout that contained 2 supersets of the following exercises repeated three times:

12-15 pushups (arms under the shoulders)
15 tricep dips on file box I brought with me in my car pictured above
15 plie squats
15 regular squats
12-15 valislide reverse lunges (yes, my Valislides go with me everywhere)

Repeated the above exercises three times & then moved on to the next superset 3X:

15 one-legged calf raises
15 glute bridges
15 v-ups
12-15 supermans
25 situps

I tried to push each exercise, nose to ground on pushups, knee to ground on reverse lunges while staying fairly fast paced.  I worked up quite a sweat.  I would tell you how many calories I burned, but my luck and my Garmin has been on the fritz this week.  I would guess about 250-300 based on doing something like this before.

So, for you folks on the road for business, visiting the in-laws or just getting started there are plenty of exercises you can do without ever entering a gym or picking up a piece of equipment to get the daily sweat on and create or maintain core fitness.  Yes, I did have my valislides, but I could have done regular lunges without them. 

The point is that we don’t need all those fancy gadgets.  In fact, most of the boot camps you hear about utilize the concept that all you need is you and the dynamic force of your own body.  If you have any questions about the above exercisers, please feel free to email me at

Sweaters – what is your favorite body weight exercise?  Please share for all those folks out there that are mortified to join a gym or fitness class, or for the business travelers or moms that can’t get to the gym.

And, remember, you can always make lemonade out of lemons, as the older folks say, and most times it’s better than the type you get out of a soda fountain.  Yeah, forgive the cheesiness, it’s early, and the movers just got here.  Here they come:

P.S. Don’t forget to post your favorite mood-lifting food or recipe for a $15 Whole Foods giveaway.  The only way we all get by is with a little help from our friends, so we need your input!

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