The Fourth Dimension: Break Away!

This is my youngest, most talented, 13 year old sister’s contribution, so lets show her some love fellow bloggers!!! She is our youngest journalist extradornaire who  will be blogging on all things pop culture, beauty. fashion, teenage angst and whatever else suits her fancy!


Imagine this: coming home from a long day, kicking off your shoes, and settling into a soft couch in front of the TV to catch your favorite show. But then, during your show a certain terrible thing happens-commercials. Not only do commercials interrupt your happy time, they show you things you don’t need to see. Such as beautiful women lathering in expensive eye creams and working out on an insane contraption, just to loose the little healthy weight they have. Its ridiculous! You can get those same results without the time and money.

The eye creams that reduce wrinkles probably won’t work, and the cost is about $40.00 for no more then a tablespoon. Studies show that creams like Burt’s Bees, Shu Uemuro, Avon, and Decleor won’t give you the desired look. Also, if the product contains collagen, rubbing alcohol, or bleaching chemicals it will not do anything but harm. It will slow you down, dry you up, and whiten you out.

An alternative solution for a wrinkle reducer is to just simply wash your face with sensitive solution wash and moisturize with oil-free, spf 10+ face lotions. Companies such as Clinique sell lots of nurturing lotion varieties for each skin type. They leave your skin soft, relaxed, and oil-free. I myself own Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturizer and Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. But, the best part of buying from companies such as Clinique is you receive a bonus for every certain amount you spend, so you can try out all their new products. Another trick to try is putting Vaseline under your eyes before you go to sleep. The only problem is you need to remember to wash it off in the morning!!

Many people today believe they are overweight, but truthfully their not. Depending on your age , height, and health conditions your probably not overweight. The word “overweight” in used today’s society for anyone who isn’t model skinny, which is definately not true. But, if you do feel the need to loose 5 extra pounds, try drinking more water, cutting down on added sugars, watch out for the no-show menus, and become a more active person.

Drinking more water daily filters your systems for any bad chemicals resting in your stomach. It’s just the healthiest choice to choose. When drinking water, the best kind of water to drink is non-bottled cold water. Harmful chemicals have been found in the plastic of bottled water, and once heated to a certain temperate can go into your drink and cause harm to your body. Cold water takes longer for your body to process, so you burn more calories while drinking it.

Cutting down on added sugars is proven to help. Many Americans consume 475 calories of added sugar daily. That count can be cut down by instead of having  a soft drink (the leading sugar additive addiction) choose water. The no-show menu is the scariest of them all. Most restaurants won’t show you their calorie intake hopping that you’re not thinking about it. This will really hit you hard when it comes to a well rounded meal plan. Most entrees seem healthy but, there can hidden fats and oils.

Hour long activities to help you understand how active you are in burning calories… More than 100:

Walking at a 2 mile pace-183


More than 200:

Raking leaves-281

Cleaning (246)


Leisurely biking-292

More than 300:


Mowing the lawn-387


Baseball or softball-365

More than 400

High impact aerobics-493


Stationary biking or rowing-487

More than 500



Stair treadmill-657


These are just a few simple things to help you loose 5 pounds in under a month.

Hopefully these tips will help. I have one thing for you to chew on till next week… “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.”- David Viscott

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  1. You go, lil sis. Wait til you read Rach’s post tomorrow. There is no doubt we are soul sisters!

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