Sowing My Wild Oats: Doing what you can with what you have

tThe other night, I was invited to a murder mystery party-that I will write about later. I found out that we were supposed to bring a treat or side dish to the party. Not sure what to do, I figured I would pick up last minute junk from the store like chips or dip …or triple stuffed chocolate chips cookies. I remembered I had a cilantro plant from Hannah  and some yummy veggies vfrom Amanda

Instead. after running with my friend Amanda, she dropped off a bounty of tomatoes, purple onion,cucumber, purple bell peppers and green bellpeppers. I wasnt sure what to do but I  knew I could come up with something delcicious. I chopped up all of the ingredients then took several buds from mu cilantro plant my friend Hannah got me for my birthday. I added in black beans and sea aalt.

I must say it was a hit and I will def make it again. Don’t drool too much It’s not lady like.

Thow it all together fresh fromt the garden,

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