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Bonjour Wholeness junkies!

Happy Monday morning peeps! Hope your weekend was filled with lots of sweating, good food, time with friends and family and just chillin out. Mine was filled with authentic Haitian cuisine, lots of creole and lots of dancing! I must admit, I am pretty beat. Although, I did not drive all throughout the night like my sister, Freeing Sisyphus did, I am wiped! We hosted some Haitian guests this weekend who were performing a concert and touring Indy in order to hopefully raise the last of the funds to finish the school we have been working with. The school was almost completed in 2010 when the earthquake hit, all of it crumbling to the ground. By the grace of God, all 900 students were outside at the time as school was out and only a few lives were lost.

It is nothing short of  a miracle of God that this school has been rebuilt in such a short amount of time. It has been through blood, sweat, tears and very giving Americans that this school will open its doors in 2 weeks. In Haiti, nothing is ever finished to completion, so the fact that this school is completed truly is amazing. The only thing left is the cafeteria.

After my visit to Haiti, I wrote an article that you can find here describing my time and what I witnessed post earthquake. At the time I traveled, I had a hip stress fracture and it was at the height of the Cholera outbreak. I will admit I was scared, but it was definitely the experience of a lifetime. We ended up having to leave in the middle of the night a day early to avoid protests, riots and the airport shutting down (due to election results) It was definitely eventful!

This country has a lot of problems but the people of Haiti are a beautiful people that are worthy of our time and dedication. They are resilient and full of joy and faith. One thing that really struck me as a runner/athlete was that in Haiti, it seems the only extracurricular activity is SURVIVAL. Thinking about that, really helped put my marathon training in perspective.

So with the weekend full of Haitian cuisine, friends and great fellowship as well as my sister stopping through, I am completely exhausted…but in a good way. So, what did you do this weekend?

Note-If you are interested in giving to this great cause, email me and I can give you the information for a tax deductible donation.