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The Daily Sweat meets Sowing my Wild Oats and other categories not assigned

Happy Weekend everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting but it is one crazy weekend around here! I got up this morning to get my sweat on with my friend Stacia. I am helping her and another friend, Val train the “couch potato to 5k” program. I definitely did not feel like getting out of bed, but 7 miles later I am very glad I did it! Hardest part is rolling out of bed! Okay and maybe taking that first step out of the door too.

We are also hosting some Haitian guests this weekend. As some of you may know, the hubs and I have a real passion for Haiti and both traveled to the epicenter of the earthquake to help rebuild a school and get to know the people. We fell in love right away and even considered moving there. However, since the teen only has 2 years left of school, we decided it probably wasn’t the best time to yank him up and plop in down in a country in ruins.

Maybe after college.

We are having an authentic Haitian feast tonight (don’t worry, there will be pics!) and a concert tomorrow night to raise the remaining funds to rebuild the school. As some of you may remember, I put on a 5k (my town’ s FIRST ever) back in April to raise money for this same school. It was a total success and my friends and I hope to make it an annual event.

After killing a goat and breaking bread this morning, our guests were off to practice. I dropped the tot off to play and headed to Georgetown Market to meet up with a friend for lunch. I am seriously still stuffed! I had Vegan soup, salad and a almond butter/banana/rice milk smoothie.

Hope I can find room for goat meat later. (are you sensing my sarcasm? if not, you must be new to this blog)

And last but most definitely NOT least, Freeing Sisyphus herself is gracing us with her presence as she is making the big move from Minnesota to Philly. She is stopping here for a night or two on her way. Our house will be full..

full of fun:)

So, what are you big slackers planning for the weekend? Just chillin out? Participating in a race? Making some killer recipes? I am sure they will all pale in comparison to mine but do feel free to share.