These are a few of my favorite things…

This summer, (and winter:) I am absolutely lovin my kale salad creation…so much so that I wanted to share. As you know, I am also addicted to Kombucha and love to wash my lunch down with one of these…makes me feel like I am drinking a cocktail but instead its a healthy tonic:)

Ingredients for the salad are: Organic kale, organic vine tomato, feta, cranberries, walnuts, sweet red peppers, roasted garlic, shredded purple cabbage and red onion. I top it off with Annie’s Woodstock dressing..

Have you tried kale? I’ve found its healthier, more filling and cheaper than spinach leaves or regular salad mix.

What’s your favorite salad creation?

  1. Looks good! I love the feta, cranberry, and walnut combo…topped with a vinaigrette.

  2. I woul dlove to try this salad, gonna give it a shot! What is this drink you speak of? I think I saw that Kath (KERF) was drinking that….. praying for that leg, I need my friend back running with me 🙂

    • Yes girl…lets run Saturday! The drink I get at Whole Foods. Its tea that is cultured …its an ancient Chinese way to drink tea. I’ve been drinking them for over a year and love them. The Creamery has them on their menu. We should have dinner there soon

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