Sowing and reaping

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fabulous week so far and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

I’ve been pretty busy around here potty training the tot. It’s been pretty simple and I feel bad that I waited so long. Poor guy has just been waiting for me to take him:( I can’t believe he is so big that he is out of the diaper phase. Wow, time flies.

This week, I’ve also been pretty blessed to receive some goodies from my friend’s gardens and I wanted to share. First, my friend Christy gave me a few bags of strawberries. I was so excited since my Whole Foods trip didnt happen this week and I refuse to buy them at Walmart. This was perfect timing.

Secondly, my friend Summer gave me a jar of canned peaches. These are some that her and her mom canned and they have just been sitting in pure goodness also known as water + cane sugar for about a year. I had some last night over organic maple yogurt. It was the perfect treat after a six mile bike ride.

So, this leads to my question. Do you get to reap the rewards of your friend’s toil in the summer? Last summer, my friend Amanda brought me a huge bounty each week consisting of red onions, blackberries, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. During these hard economic times, this is a great way to bless other people.

So, do you share or do others share with you? What’s your favorite seasonal fruit and or veggie? Have you and your friends considered planting a “community” garden?

  1. Actually Amanda shared Apples and tomatoes with me last year. We have had a garden, mostly salsa ingredients, and cukes for the last couple years. But while trying to move, a garden hasn’t happened, so for the last 2 summers (and really the year before when Sam was teensy) I haven’tbeen able to. But I’m blessed to share in other’s bounty. Sometimes I’ll can the goodies and share the results, or go to the local upickits to see what I can see. Got some peaches there last year, and green beans, my first time. I am plotting a good sized garden at the new house and mixed berry plants.

    • Christy
    • June 18th, 2011

    Glad you enjoyed them. I also made strawberry jam with them if you want a jar. I also gave some to Amber and she said she didn’t get even a bite – her son & friends ate every one!

  2. yay peaches!!

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