Sowing My Wild Oats: Why I love communal living and want to buy a big piece of land and have all my friends live there

This week one of my most selfless, giving friends Amanda brought over a bounty of fruits and veggies for our family to enjoy. This is such a blessing as I’ve been injured/had surgery and could not only drive to Whole Foods but also couldnt justify spending the money. My husband’s work has been slow and we need all of the help we can get!

I was starting to feel bad just feeding the tot peanut butter and jelly three times a day

When she dropped by the food, I immediately thought of preparing it for our Haitian guests that we had this weekend. But, as the weekend came and went, it seemed we only had time to prepare breakfast as they wanted to tour Indy and eat some local cuisine.

So last night, I took the entire box of food and began to get ideas about what I could make. We had tomatoes (that were perfectly juicy and ripe I might add), very spicy jalepenos, a few different types of peppers, squash, zucchini and fresh green beans.

Originally, I was just going to steam everything but then I got creative. I did steam the green beans along with some cut up tomatoes and a few slices of jalepeno. But, I then decided to sautee the squash, zucchini, peppers, jalepeno peppers, tomato and red onion with extra virgin olive oil. I let it simmer and at the end added just a tad bit of goat cheese.

I had a bag of potatoes that I feared would soon go bad so I decided to cut them all up in quarters and roast them. I doused them in olive oil and baked them for 45 minutes on 425. At the end, I also added goat cheese and let it melt a little on top.

I know these pictures may not look that appetizing but remember I am using a blackberry. This dinner was seriously one of my favorites yet and my hubs even went back for seconds. That is saying A WHOLE LOT!

So what’s on your menu for this week? Do you co-0p with other friends and cook up fresh veggies and fruits each week?

    • Amanda
    • August 11th, 2011

    Yesterday’s lunch was grilled chicken, steamed butternut squash(from brother’s garden), and sliced cucumber(from friend’s garden) with dill. Dinner was steak/chicken on the grill with sweet corn(from dad), cucumber(friend again) and steamed zucchini(from our garden). My breakfast was steamed zucchini with leftover spaghetti sauce, black olives, and parm cheese. We trade fruits and veggies with our friends/family during garden season and we eat best(both taste-wise and health-wise) during harvest.

  1. I always think it would be so fun to buy a big house and have all my family and friends live in it with me! I think it would be so fun to have everyone right there with me – not to mention inexpensive!

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