AdvoCare: Carissa’s update

As you read last week, a friend of mine from High School embarked on AdvoCare’s 10 day cleanse.  (to read more about AdvoCare check out out tab on our home page)

We are so happy to report that after her cleanse, she has lost 7 inches and 4 pounds. She said she was admittedly shocked and very excited!

We are super proud of Carissa and wish her well on her continuing journey to health. Like most clients, she will probably still use Spark and or supplements.

I will actually be ordering a cleanse myself on Friday. After being on pain meds for a month and eating my weight in casseroles and lasagna, my body is crying out to be cleansed. What I truly love is not only the inches and pounds lost, but knowing that all of those toxins are being released and emptied out priming my body for optimal nutrition.

This cleanse is actually a very gentle cleanse compared to those on the market and much to all of my client’s happiness, you DO get to eat! I was surprised when I got this question from so many people. My response is always the same. It goes something like this “I don’t know about you, but this girl’s gotta eat!”

So join me in congratulating Carissa! She rocked this cleanse, kicked her unhealthy habits butt and didn’t take names. She starts bootcamp next month so check back for more updates to track her progress!

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